Saturday, 22 February 2014

fab felines ✯


yes wow that IS my hand
accidental flash freaked her out and she got angry with me….sorry tara!

i love her paws…is that odd?

he came running along the wall to greet me ahhh

some tulips in my kitchen :)
first post of today because i think might post later? 
thanks for over 200 views wow this blogging thing is really fun omg
I'm going to take more picture later, i think this will be a bit different with the idea i have in mind but i'm not too sure if will go as planned.
okay so about my cats
  • girl
  • 6 years old
  • feisty
  • sleep with my mum in her bed
  • has a habit of peeing on beds….
  • mostly hates everyone and sleeps a lot, anywhere
  • thinks she is the queen and does not like authority
  • boy, tara's son
  • 5 years old
  • lazy, sleeps so much its unbelievable
  • my cats, loves me the most ;)
  • eats more food than you might think possible
  • doesn't really care about what is going on
  • shows more cupboard love than any cat ever, he bites my foot when he is hungry??
i hope you enjoy the photos of them, i love my cats so much
random photo of some colourful tulips for your saturday c:
lauren xx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

pretty plants and cacti ✯

the newest additions to my plant family!

a small part of the landscape view from my hill

this is kara faye, my lovely simpervivum :)

this lil guy was replanted today!

cutest bronze teapot ever! ash i love gus (thats his name heh)

the most perfect succulent ever! so sad i have to give to away :(
I'm going to try to blog at least once every day this week because i thnk thats a good thing for me to try, even thought it takes up my time, it gives me a break :)
these are my plants! well, minus one. 
the succulent is the one i am going to give to a friend for her birthday, because I'm spreading the plant love hehe
the three new cacti are brand new, and i think ill keep them unnamed for now.
i adore plants and i could rave for hours about how beautiful they are, because i am very emotionally attached to mine haha but yeah, if you don't own plants, go buy one! they are guaranteed to make your life a little better. they're great listeners too ;)
there is a small part of my daily view out the window, but from outside. i think this weekend ill make a tour of my garden.
please leave a comment if you are enjoying my blog because i dunno if anyone is reading this haha 
lauren xx

Monday, 17 February 2014

frolicking ❁

if you happened to be wondering, the plant's name is Rory and he is a sempervivum :)

a m a z i n g  focus on this camera. blew me away.

frilly socks + sassy boots = fab!

❁ hello 
how was/is your day? i hope it was/is really fab. 
again, these photos were taken yesterday and have not been edited or filtered. all were taken by me of my sister mel.
i had an awesome day today. ill probably take photos of some things and those will pop up soon. 
i don't have an awful lot to say. bigger photos this time, trying things out okay?
working on the appearance of my blog, any comment or tip is much appreciated! 
lauren xx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

she wishes she was soft grunge ✯

she looks a little like a frog, but very very cute 


i adore this photo...


hello! first actual post! 
these photos were taken just this afternoon, so they haven't been edited or filtered. but i think they look okay.
this is my lovely sister, mel, whose face I'm sure you will be seeing an awful lot because she is a great model. 
obviously, as any good sister, she is wearing all my clothes, including the beanie. 
i took these photos, so if you borrow them, please credit to me :)
lauren xx

the awkward first post ✯

a random recent photo

hello! a new holiday blog! i haven't blogged before, so this will be very messy at first, and i hope you will forgive me for that.

intro: i'm lauren, a generally smiley teenager with a lot of dreams to travel, inspire and create. i live in England, and spend way too much time sleeping or not sleeping. i take pictures with my mums camera, some sort of canon with a fancy lens, of my beautiful sister. i will blog to my hearts content, when i wish about what i wish.

things you must know:

  • i very much dislike capital letters, you will see very few.
  • i do not reveal my age on the internet :)
  • this is my first time blogging
  • this will be indie themed
  • you might have to endure some rants, long description or words of no actual meaning or consequence
thank you, enjoy this new blog!

lauren xx